Originally from Maidenhead, Insight has been part of the UK underground music scene since the early 90s, being fortunate enough to have played out at events such as Promised Land, Jungle Splash, Raise it Up, Rinse it Out and a number of festivals. A longtime radio DJ, Inisght is also a founding member of Rabble Defiance promotions.

‘I fell in love with the music and the vibe after getting hold of a Helter Skelter tape of DJ Easygroove in ’93. My first proper jungle do was a Moving Shadow night back then called Voodoo Magic at Equinox, Leicester Square. It started at 4am and finished at noon…what a wicked night that was’….There was no turning back! Insight bought his 1210s soon after. To this day he remains faithful to the Technics but has had to branch out into the world of digital for reasons of space and cash and his ageing shoulders.

Early musical influences come from the 80s, electro, reggae, hip hop and trip hop/downtempo but nothing beats rave music for Insight as you’ll hear on his shows which include acid house, old skool hardcore, jungle and drum and bass.