Eruption Radio started broadcasting in 2019, built on the foundations of the London Pirate scene where many of our DJs learned their craft.

Playing Hardcore, Jungle, DnB, House, Old Skool House, Soul and Reggae, we pride ourselves on our family feel and our ultimate goals: to play music that sounds great without taking ourselves too seriously and to ensure that our listners feel like they’re part of a happy, welcoming party all day, every day.

Broadcasting 24/7 online via Radioplayer, via your favourite radio player app, via your Smart Device and on DAB in selected areas, Eruption Radio brings you the original sound of the underground.

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  • For general enquiries / complaints / all other communications please email info@eruptionradio.uk.

Eruption Radio Ltd are registered in England and Wales, company number: 12070321Registered Office: Unit F, Stewarts Farm, School Road, Ongar, Essex, CM5 9PT.


Mobile App Support

For support of the Eruption Radio Mobile App, please initially refer to the Privacy and Terms Policy here. For further support, please contact us at info@eruptionradio.uk.