Barny Wink

“Deep Heat”………..not the fragrant muscle warmer, but my first album which I received in 1988. This was my first foray into the world of dance music and I was hooked.

I had a brief hiatus from 1990-1992 where Hip-Hop was my thing, but I remember my friend making me listen to his Walkman on the way to school and I was bemused by what he had just played to me. It sounded like hip-hop played at 45RPM, the beats, the vocals, the bass, all the boxes were ticked. This led me to becoming a pirate radio junky. Every weekend the aerial went up and I scanned the FM dial to see what I could pick up. The likes of Don, Green Apple, Transmission One, Kool & of course, Eruption, were taped and listened back 100’s of times. It wasn’t until 1996 when my friend “lent” me his old belt drives, a pile of records he didn’t want and he told me to practice. I added to the pile and went out most weekends trying to hear what was being played………but what I remember is a whole different story!

I always had a friend or two who played on stations, but I never really felt like my tastes suited the occasion, but when my old mucker Andy Clockwork (big up each and every time) told me that Eruption was coming back I thought, maybe now is the occasion.

I love my Liquid Drum & Bass, but I am not adverse to playing darker dnb and anything inbetween. I like my shows to go on a journey between the light & the dark, but most of all, I like to play high quality music, which, perhaps, people may not have ever heard before.