After seeing some friends on the decks at a Acid House Party back in 1990, Sumo realised what he wanted for Christmas, a set of decks and a mixer, waiting patiently and saving some money to get records, he finally got a set of ‘Soundlabs’ in 1992. 

Hiding away in his bedroom for many months with his family and neighbours growing increasingly annoyed at the repetitive beats blasting from an open window, he just about learnt how to mix, he wasn’t very good, but knew he didn’t want to do anything else. He told a careers teacher he wanted to be DJ, she just laughed and said you only ever be a plumber. 

Determinate to prove the careers teacher wrong, he continued to work at his dream of becoming a DJ and got a lucky break after someone recommended him to the owner of a new radio station in London called Deja Vu. Staying with them for a few years brought many opportunities, including playing regularly at London’s brand new garage night ‘Sun City’, playing Old Skool Hardcore in room 2. 

Soon after, he was given a residency in club in Hertfordshire where he was able to change the outlook of the club and create a real underground vibe. He stayed there for the next 2 years, while joining another radio station called Passion Fm. He was given a Sunday Midday Show, where he was able to play real underground House Music, while everyone else around him played 2-Step Garage. This helped advertised his sound to promoters all over Europe and enabled him to perform in clubs in Austria and Hungry. 

A European tour quickly followed with shows in the Netherlands, Germany, and Greece. 

On return from the European tour, he decided to take a break from music to look after a family member with ill health. 

Now after a 11 year break from DJing and 20 year break from the radio, he was offered a show on the mighty Eruption Radio which he quickly accepted and now plays Propa House Music at 4pm every other Tuesday. 

Sumo can also been seen live at various events in Amsterdam and the Netherlands which UK shows coming very soon.