Started learning to DJ in 1990. Genres of music, Tech House, Drum and Bass, 88-91 old school house. Born in South London moved to East London after leaving school. Started raving in 1988, the summer of love, then went on to start our own rave on 14th of September 1991. We had a party, we called it Eruption then we had a second party in 1991 at Zodiac dance studios Sedgwick Street Hackney London at the same venue one year later.

Myself and DJ Outrage-Demolition crew decided to start up the radio station called Eruption FM which we did in 1992 then I Split from the radio in 1995 I went on to do techno and Trance raves called Cosmic Carrot at Tyson Street in Dalston Lane, East London.

24 years later 2019 I’m back on board with the Eruption family back on the radio doing one of the things I love mixing, new n old music.