DJ Bones

Dj Bones love for Underground music started in the early days of House/Acid House & over the years he has played various styles as the sound has progressed.

Over the years Bones has had shows on various stations such as Format FM, Chillin Fm & Also Eruption 104 &1013 amongst others. He has also played many underground events in & around the UK such as Redemption, Panic, Rampant, Shtonka, Dance Explosion, Innovation, Epidemik & many more.

Bones has also produced & released many tracks over the years from co-producing the MadBones EP’s 1- 4 on Quayside records through to material under the name House Addix. He has also written record reviews for 2 Fanzines Shimmer & Mission. You can now Bones playing the Finest House every Sunday 12pm till2pm.