Eruption FM, one of London’s most established and respected pirate stations, was born on the 17th February 1993. This is the date that the first illegal broadcast was made on the stations first and most famous frequency of 101.3fm. The station supplied hardcore and jungle to its vast legion of listeners for seven days a week, every week, building up it’s listeners and reputation as London’s premier pirate station.

Initially made up of two defunct stations, Impact 88.2 and Destiny 99.3, Eruption hit the ground running with a complete schedule and already existing and eager listening audience.

With a line up that consisted of DJ Clarky, MR E, Demolition Cru, The Rave Brothers, Clockwork, Swift & Zinc, MC AD, Arfa G & Roachman, Paris, Skeme & RJ Vibes, Love Dove Jay, Loxy, and MC DT, the ingredients were in place to revolutionize pirate radio in London.

Numerous visits from the Radio Investigation Department culminating with the loss of studio and and an arrest would have been enough to deter most, but the Eruption management were resilient and persisted with the obstacles that were put in front of them.

By the end of the first year, the name ‘Eruption FM’ was known throughout the rave scene, but the real test was the first birthday party held at the Four Aces Club in Dalston. There were no flyers for the event, the only publicity was generated through the station – so this first birthday party would show exactly how popular the station was or wasn’t!

Needless to say the event was absolutely rammed with people eventually being turned away at the door, proving Eruption’s status and celebrating a year on air in style! The second year on air saw another seven Eruption FM parties, two more at the 4 Aces Club, both of which were full to capacity – the second of the two in February 1995, was the stations second birthday party which went of with a bang – true Eruption Style!
1995 saw Eruption move around some of London’s most prestigious rave venues, putting on partyies under the name of ‘Dance Explosion’. The first three ‘Dance Explosion’ nights were held at the Marquee club on Charing Cross Road, which is no longer used as a rave venue, these events were all properly flyered and with the stations ever growing popularity as well were absolutely ram jammed!

For the fourth and fifth ‘Dance Explosion’ the venue was switched to the Astoria on Tottenham Court Road. ‘Dance Explosion four’ was held on 14th January 1995 – needless to say Eruption gave its ravers exactly what they expected for Christmas, a big fat packed out rave!

1995 also saw the arrival of Nicky Blackmarket & Stevie Hyper D, Billy “Daniel” Bunter and MC Rage on to the station, making the Big E even bigger!!
Eruption FM’s third birthday party was held at Club UN on Tottenham High Road, in February 1996, attracting thousands of London’s ravers wanting to celebrate three years of the Big E with the Eruption crew, and made it a party to remember! The station continued its high standard of pirate radio broadcasting through 1996, broadcasting all weekend, every weekend to the masses around London.
It wasn’t until 1997 the next big rave was held, this time the venue was one of London’s biggest – Adrenalin Village in Battersea. The occasion was the stations fourth birthday celebrations, and as usual thousands of party people joined in and made the night one that will be remembered for years to come.

Unknown to everyone at the time, this was to be the last big Eruption FM party, as in 1998 the first chapter in the history of Eruption was brought to a close due to ever-growing problems with the authorities who’d been trying in vain to take the station off air since day one.

It was in January 1998 – a month before the stations fifth birthday – that Eruption broadcasted on 101.3 FM for the final time.

In the five years the station had been on air it had seen some of the scene’s biggest names come on, including; DJ Rap, Food Junky, DJ Vibes, Krome, DNA, Stompy, Vinylgroover, MC MC and Stevie Hyper D. There were also some of the scene’s biggest DJ’s playing every weekend including; Clarky, Squirrel, Skie, Demolition Crew, Jackknife, Billy Bunter, Nicky Blackmarket, Swift & Zinc and MC Rage, Transit, Exorcist and Model, Clockwork, and Skeme & RJ Vibes.

The station resumed broadcasting in October of the same year on 94.0 FM, having lost the 101.3 frequency, but stayed on that frequency for only four months before being forced to cease broadcasting again due to the authorities persistent interference.

This would have been the end of most pirate broadcasters, many thought it was the end of the Big E – and for eleven months it was. But in January of the year 2000, the Eruption management decided London’s airwaves needed a proper rave station to liven them up, so after the longest break since the station first came on air, 104 FM became the new home on the dial for London’s premier pirate broadcaster.

In Sept of 2003 Eruption reclaimed its original frequency of 101.3 and continued to broadcast relentlessly for another 9 years until in February of 2012 and after 19 years on air, Eruption called it a day and decided to hang up its aerial.

With changes in the way that musical media is presented, in March of 2019 and with nearly a 7 year hiatus the original team that brought you Eruption 101.3 rebranded and regrouped to bring you Eruption Radio. Focusing on the crazy days of the old rave scene – re-living all those old classics and all the tracks that have been forgotten through time. Pushing all the new forms of music such as drum and bass, hardcore and breakbeat, Eruption Radio keeps moving forward whilst not forgetting its roots.

2019 saw Eruption-Radio moving into a new era. Concentrating on building up Eruption’s long established listener base whilst switching to a digitl format. Giving the listener media in its purest form that can only be found on the big E.